HR Manager
"The opportunity to attend a program where ATD and Yale combine efforts to bring professionals together to share views and learn academically is rare. I seized the opportunity and am grateful for the experience. I enjoyed several lessons, including the leadership and negotiation exercises. I’ve been able to apply this in my position on a daily basis.

The group dynamics were amazing and allowed for an exchange of perspectives from classmates representing many different industries and countries. The program was very well organized and professionally delivered, and it encouraged a friendly atmosphere. Everyone enjoyed the tour of campus. The museum was a highlight. One of the most rewarding experiences was having the chance to network with classmates who I plan to connect with at ATD 201"
"I was fortunate enough to attend the ATD/Yale Foundations of Excellence Program in the summer of 2017. Over the years, I have attended many training programs on a variety of topics. I would place this experience at the top of my list.

The content was top-notch and applicable in real-world settings. The professors and presenters were all experts in their respective fields and consistently treated the participants with the utmost respect. They kept us involved, frequently asking for our input and stretching us to think differently at the same time. That is not an easy combination to pull off . . . but they did it!

Speaking of the participants, they were incredibly accomplished as well. The connections I made during the program were an added and unexpected bonus. For all these reasons and more, I recommend this program without hesitation. I found it to be well worth the investment of time and money."
"The prestigious Yale brand is irresistible! And with the ATD brand coordinating, I was confident classes would be practical and interactive. I was eager to gain knowledge and come back to add value to our business at Bezaleel Consulting. I was also looking forward to networking with some global executives in class.

Being a CEO, I have re-branded and integrated the ACCEL principles into an “Olympic ring,” interwoven as essential skills to keep grooming and growing our managers in-house."
Talent Strategy Officer
"As an HR executive in academic healthcare, I am actively working to improve my understanding of operational leadership. Attending this course provided the opportunity to blend my understanding of leadership philosophy and culture development with the participants who have the operational knowledge of different industries. Also, the ability to visit Yale and experience their faculty was a major draw. You combine ATD’s research and best-in-class talent development and Yale’s faculty in the School of Management with participants from across different industries—that sounds like a great opportunity. I’m glad that I attended, as it was something I will never forget.

The most memorable part of the week was engaging in candid conversations with the faculty during breaks and over lunch and dinner. We had a chance to discuss their research versus our operational application. I felt like both participants and faculty had a chance to expand paradigms during these discussions. Many members of the class went to dinner as a group on the last night; we discussed our experiences from the week and realized we had established a strong bond via the education.

Being a leader, we have to establish a way to communicate our vision and mission. Creating documents that help articulate where we want to take our business or teams before we enter discussions with our teams and leadership can be extremely helpful. Taking the time to do this will help communicate a concise message that is well thought-out. Inviting your team to discuss this vision pulls them in and actively engages them to commit to helping achieve the mission. Partner this with negotiating for resources (time, talent, and money) and you are on your way to building a solid foundation.

Working in academic medicine, I left Yale with more comfort in speaking with faculty and leadership about what is important to them. I’m better able to position my team’s support to serve leadership’s needs via more solid relationships.

For the first iteration of this course, it was strong. We had the opportunity to experience Yale’s campus. We received real-time education from faculty who believe in the work of developing leadership capability. We experienced leaders from across industries who have a similar passion for growing to develop others and ourselves to improve business outcomes. I believe this is a course that will create opportunities for next-level development in the future. I look forward to experiencing the next iteration in the coming years."
"Over the years, I have attended many training programs on a variety of topics. I would place this experience at the top of my list. The content was top-notch and applicable in real-world settings."