Free Report: Developing New Managers: Key Elements for Success

Developing New Managers: Key Elements for Success (hereafter, the Study) is a new examination of first-time manager development. The Study found that many organizations were achieving strong results in developing new leaders; further, most participating organizations offered structured development programs or individual training assets specifically for new managers.

In this study, you will get more insight and context in the following sections:

  • What’s happening in new manager development?
  • Developing new managers poses challenges
  • Development profiles: people and virtual managers
  • Development profiles: sales and technical managers

Learn more about how craft new manager training thoughtfully, purposefully, and practically for your organization in ATD's newest report. Complete the form to download.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018
Do you have a manager who forgets what you talked about 5 seconds after your conversation? One who reminds you to do something that you already did? This can be avoided. In late 2015, ATD Research conducted a short survey...
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