Custom Programs

Level Up Your Approach to Management

In today's volatile market, it's important for managers to not only read up on what it takes to be a good manager but embody every aspect of next-level characteristics and approaches that separate the good managers from the bad or mediocre. That's why managers are turning to ATD and Yale to hone their management and leadership skills.

Bring the ATD-Yale Management Excellence Certificate Program To Your Organization

The ATD-Yale Management Excellence Program is now offering a customized on-site program built specifically to meet the needs within your organization - available in a virtual format as well as in-person.

ATD and Yale consider the needs of the entire organization before building the program by examining the organization's business culture, strategic goals, and leadership competencies. Starting from an initial and thorough needs assessment, ATD draws on the expertise of Yale's dedicated faculty and ATD's ACCEL framework to design and deliver custom programs that are optimal to our clients.